Sometimes when I can’t reach my dad, ill call my
Uncle Walt to see if he knows where my dad is. 😞

Sometimes my dad works nights and when he does he doesn’t like to talk on the phone for very long. 😞

Ever since I moved out its been really hard to reach my dad at home! Haha! 😞

My dad always makes sure there’s enough food in the house for me cause I’m a growing boy. 😞

My dad always gives me a bit of cash when I’m running low. Haha! 😞

Usually when I call my dad the connection is bad and we can’t hear each other. 😞

I can always talk to my dad about my problems. 😞

Me and my dad hanging out by the pool. I’m wearing the watch he got me for my birthday 😞


*Photoshop work by Nick Augustyn

Happy birthday to the best dad in the world! Haha! 😞

My dad travels a lot. 😞